Weekend theme

It’s Friday at the end of a busy, and in some ways, difficult week. A long steering committee meeting yesterday in which the participants were pretty much all in disagreement put the cap on the tiredness. However finding a replacement washing machine/tumble dryer on special did help lighten my mood at the end of the day. So now all the kitchen equipment but the dishwasher and kettle have been replaced in the last few years. Not a cheap experience.

This weekend the theme is

“Something old, something new”

If you want to play along, create your blog post using the theme, then come back here and leave a comment that contains a link to your post, so that others can wander along to read them all.

There is only 1 rule. Have fun with it!

35 thoughts on “Weekend theme

    1. The themes do all sorts of things for people, its the ‘thought jogger’ that comes up with personal stuff that is so different for everyone

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