Something I have never done before

Day 1: Dennis died yesterday.  In his office they said. At lunchtime. He had phoned to say he was not coming home for lunch as he wanted to work through.  Apparently his secretary, Margery found him and called the ambulance. No one phoned me until he had been declared dead at the hospital. When I […]

Weekend Theme

Friday evening and the theme isn’t posted yet. OOps! Actually I’ve been battling to find one. At last, something popped into my head. So the theme this week is Something I have never done before

The day I (almost) sold my sister (for 100 cows)

On my recent trip to Swaziland, my sister and I drove out to the location where the famous local candle makers are sited. The area has manufacturing and selling sections, with one area where there are demonstrations on how the candles are made. Other shops in the same little area sell clothes, woven goods etc. […]

Monday morning in another country

It is rather fun visiting a country that is smaller than some cities. Swaziland, completely enclosed by South Africa. I am here to visit my sister and see where she has come to live. With a population of 1.23 million it has fewer people than Johannesburg where I live. Jo’burg has over 3 million. It […]


The little girl was excited, her first CONCERT. Last year she had been in the audience with her parents, watching as all those girls danced. This year she was one of them, a fairy, with a real sparkly wand. She knew it was real, she had helped her dad make it, the stick, carefully painted […]

Weekend Theme

Friday – tick Morning – tick not yet work time – tick no theme yet – tick (oopsie) The idea for this has been circling in my mind for a while. Indeed the picture has sat on my laptop screen for a while now, reminding me of many things. The theme this week is Dancing, […]

Becoming history

Just over 12 years ago we woke to a new day. Preparing to fly on to the next city on a trip to China. Over breakfast I heard discussion of what seemed a violent film (not the sort of thing those guys seemed interested in). I went back upstairs and saw the footage of aeroplanes […]


Today I had an odd meeting with a client. Away from their offices, and as this is a financial organisation this is most unusual. Actually I had a meeting with one of them many years ago (last century in fact) at her home but that was more personal advice for someone at the end of […]

The circle

Gio tried hard, a little frown of concentration wrinkling his forehead. Everyone else seemed to do it the way the pedagogue described. His however must have been a poor attempt, because the pedagogue just clucked his tongue and said nothing, moving on to the next youngster and talking to him. The pedagogue said “No one […]