Becoming history

Just over 12 years ago we woke to a new day. Preparing to fly on to the next city on a trip to China. Over breakfast I heard discussion of what seemed a violent film (not the sort of thing those guys seemed interested in). I went back upstairs and saw the footage of aeroplanes and buildings, people fleeing death. City horror of the high-rise. The mind could see the images but not really comprehend what had happened. So far from home in a country where English is a fairly scarce commodity it was rather unnerving.

I was the only one on the trip with roaming on my cell phone, so I swapped a bottle of water for each SMS, having no idea what they would cost we all accepted it was probably a good swap.  All families reported back that all was ok at home, and were relieved to hear we were ok.

We hoped each evening to be in a hotel with CNN news to try to keep up with what was happening. No English language newspapers were available. These days with wifi in every hotel I could have kept up on just my phone (But I have to admit I’d probably be travelling with my Ipad as well these days).

It was one of THOSE moments.  The “where were you when you heard…..” ones.

When I was a youngster it was “Where were you when you heard of Kennedy’s shooting” Much later “Where were you when you heard Princess Diana had died?”

Today I realised that it is all 12 years ago, and I could be talking today to people who say “I was a child I don’t remember it.”

How very fast time goes. The bad as well as the good become history.

8 thoughts on “Becoming history

    1. I think for allthose who saw it as it was happening it will remain in their memories for ever. The fear of tall buildings and fire are both mine so this is a real nightmare giver

  1. I was phoning my niece – about something else – she said turn on your television… it is strange having just returned to USA a few days ago, it is so much more dovish than I have ever seen it before. These people really do not want more war in Syria, and it is not because they do not care, could it possibly be they have learnt to care??

    1. I think war on Syria is not correct. The Syrian governmet and the rebels are no threat to the US. It is something for the UN to handle so that the US avoids being a bully.

      No one in their right mind ever wants war.

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