Weekend Theme

Friday evening and the theme isn’t posted yet. OOps!

Actually I’ve been battling to find one.

At last, something popped into my head.

So the theme this week is

Something I have never done before

17 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Here’s Something I’ve never done before, Sideview, http://wp.me/pVkLb-1Mg, highlighted the three posts that get the most visitors to my blog. You can tell inspiration is really wearing thin when a post needs to be made up of older ones, can’t you. But thank you for your divinely timed theme once again!

  2. I have done something I always do before to explain why I don’t do things I have never done before, and then I have done something I have never done before anyway.
    *reading that back has given me a headache* 🙂

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