Photographs. When one used a roll of film, coated so that the light ‘stuck’ and that needed fairly costly processing, I was a very wary photographer. Having no natural ‘eye’ for good composition and lighting I was relegated to the ranks of unhappy-snapper.  I couldn’t bear the pressure of waiting for a whole roll to be […]

A Christmas post

Christmas as a T-Rex. I would never be likely to dress up as one.  I’m more the sort who would wear something simple to a costume party, and have never dressed up for Halloween. So why Christmas as a T-Rex? Mbini, a fellow blogger from the old days on South African blogs where we made […]

Random thoughts – some families

Some families seem to all get along, others can never spend any time together without serious arguments. Why? Is this a genetic thing, or did the good or bad patterns start somewhere and just become ingrained in everyone through experience? Some families seem to have such a close sense of silly, that you can watch […]

Once upon a time

You know how it goes from there. Or these days is it: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. I used to write stories, odd pieces, a few just egged on by others into long sagas. Then my mojo left town. Or at least it left me. I think I may start […]


i have always had the gift of solitude time alone with my thoughts books music so when i leave that time to be with special people i find (for me) rare enjoyment in company talks ideas laughter why then do i so resent the leaving of these, my special people i do not spend all […]

Lessons from the Universe

A few years ago I had a strange(ish) weekend in which I went to see 2 films dealing with sexuality and gender. The one was about someone changing gender and having to also cope with the discovery of his/her child as a teenager. The other was that famous one about the gay cowboys and their […]

The lure of old science fiction

I am so often delighted to find old science fiction (not the sort with scary alien monsters) but those that turn a fanciful eye to either the future or alternate lifestyles in the same of different worlds. The advent of my IPad and the fact that various kind people are re-publishing old science fiction (past […]