Spirit of place and time

Places remind us -of experiences, people, emotions. I often think place is just somewhere to put time. If we are frequently in a place it gains permanence in our memories, and expectations.

It is odd to think of places that are permanent for some, being quite transient in ones own mind and memory.

Recently I met friends for a happy event, in a place I had only once visited. The previous visit was solitary, grieving over a loss – I wanted solitude.

In my mind the place was somber, cold colours, stark. This time it seemed cheerful, full of life and colour. I asked if they had redecorated and was told that they had toned down some of the more brightly coloured walls. Emotions and memory can make a place so different at different times.

19 thoughts on “Spirit of place and time

  1. “Emotions and memory can make a place so different at different times.”

    As a young child I loved the street we used to live in.
    Seeing the same street later on in life, my feelings for it had changed completely.

    I think you are right, Sidey, that emotions and memory play a part in the way we look at a place.

  2. I so agree with you, sidey. Like auntyuta, your previous commenter, a few years ago, I went back to see the place where I grew up. The street which had seemed so wide to me as a child, looked really narrow, and the area where we used to play so happily, seemed to have shrunk so much. I actually wished that I’d not returned there. I’m so glad that your return visit was a really happy surprise. 🙂

    1. the return can be anything, can’t it? the difference from what we remember when small to what we remember when aduult can be enormous

  3. I can well imagine that emotional state at the time can colour one’s recollection of a place.
    If the memories are happy, one wants it to stay as it was. This is why I was disappointed to find the village of my youth, while still in a beautiful setting, converted into a playground for the wealthy.

  4. I understand. Emotions, good and bad, blind, colour and clarify. Excepting this, even acknowledging can be battle, but worth the fight I think?

  5. “In this treacherous world

    Nothing is the truth nor a lie.

    Everything depends on the color

    Of the crystal through which one sees it”…

    Pedro Calderón de la Barca

  6. I’ve missed you, Sidey! But if anyone understands extended blog-leaves, I do! I pray you are well, happy and at peace in the abundance of enough all around you!

    I love this post. It reminds me of something that I have probably always intuited, but never been able to put into words as well as the ones my Hubs gave me one day: “Don’t be so surprised that everything looks smaller or different from what you remember! Your memories do not grow with the rest of you.” While that comment was made to me in reference to physical size and relationship, it applies equally well to the spiritual side of our lives and our inner growth. Perceptions and perspectives change radically as we grow and change, but the memories of them do not.

    Love and peace and of all, enough. . .

  7. i keep on reading your blogs and i always wonder.How can you say so much deep things in so few words? You remind me of Cavafy. Sleep well

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