Photographs. When one used a roll of film, coated so that the light ‘stuck’ and that needed fairly costly processing, I was a very wary photographer. Having no natural ‘eye’ for good composition and lighting I was relegated to the ranks of unhappy-snapper.  I couldn’t bear the pressure of waiting for a whole roll to be exposed so that I could get them printed, and what if (as too often) I’d made a boo-boo and people were expecting to see a reasonable photo?

The pressure!

So I hid my camera, seldom took it anywhere and never improved in taking pictures.

Holiday pictures were the worst, those tiny little figures no one could tell if friend or foe or merely some stranger.

I discovered that most interesting places sold useful things like postcards that showed a thousand times better than I could, the delights and interesting aspects of their area. The occasional picture of “I was here” still happened, but with so much less pressure.

With the advent of digital photography and the internet I realised so many people were pretty much like me in terms of lack of talent. But sadly the lure of themselves took over. Not content with “I was here” pictures, they started taking ‘selfies’. ANYWHERE!!

I really do not need to see most of these. I think most should be banned as poor taste. Duckfaces, angles that are never seen in real life, and oh dear, the other contortions…

The point of digital photography is how easy it is to see the picture immediately (unless like me you aren’t wearing your glasses at the time) and how easy it is to discard the oopses, mistakes and downright stupid pictures.

Along with this came the editing and processing of pictures with software that – while good for removing red spots in the eye that makes perfectly innocuous pictures look like a staff line-up in Hades, has taken so much of the delight of real pictures away.

False people, false places. What is real and what is not?

Yet when I see real pictures I know have been taken by friends with reasonable cameras and a talent for seeing objects and light I am amazed over and over.

To the real photographers, thank you for showing me so much that is of beauty and interest, just because you look at it right.


5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. If it hadn’t been for my father we would never have had any photographs of the family. B&W, which he developed and printed himself, then colour and finally to 8mm movies. The movies are now on a tape, but need to be transferred to a cd.
    Oh, I agree about those horrible selfies.

    Although I have a little camera, most of my pics are taken by cellphone. At least I carry that around with me 😉

  2. In the hands of a creative, a camera is a tool. Like brush, like chisel, like pen & paper. Photographs more than photography have interested me as long as I can remember. They record, they report. Often telling a story beyond the image. Poetic even. Making the ordinary extraordinary. I even collect cameras, though I don’t own a cellphone. With the passing of my mother just recently, I inherited boxes of images -heirlooms each and everyone of them.

    Your last sentence puts it right for all disciplines.

    1. A camera is a tool, but fools abuse them and blame the tool – not their own inadequacies. some of us are lucky enough to have the talented souls share their vision with us.

  3. I have no illusions regarding the quality of my pictures, but they do add an extra dimension to whatever I am writing about so I feel a post is ‘unfinished’ without one – even if I have to source it on the internet.

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