Take me on your journey

So many misunderstandings come from people not having followed the same ‘journey’ in getting to where they are. I see this so often in groups arguing or seeming to agree and then doing completely different things.

One of my favourute things is to take such a group along a path of discovery, starting from some basic principle, getting them to agree on that, and then taking them back into their discussion/ argument, step by step and let them unfold the same journey together. It is amazing just how fast they can come together when the all start from the same place with some agreed destination.

Of course then the difficulty is spreading the word of how their logic together got them there.

Same problem, just a bigger pool of people…….

14 thoughts on “Take me on your journey

  1. Hi Sidey, this sounds very interesting. It would be great, if you could explain this a bit more with an example. What for instance could the discussion or the argument be about?

    1. It could be about so many things. One of my recent ones is explaining to people that some of the ‘buzzwords’ in the IT arena have serious consequenceswhen you really deamnd them. for exampole demanding 99,99% availability of something means just seconds of downtime in a month – taking that and showing them how it is calculated and what it means for theprovider. Letting them play with the claculations, then helping them re-structure how they ask for what is really needed.

      1. I gather these calculations aren’t all that easy to grasp for the average user. What is really needed, this seems to be a good question to me. You’re doing a good job trying to explain it all.
        Thanks for sharing! 🙂

        1. Another lot were arguing over ‘services’ so I started them all off in the session agreeing what are the characteristics of a service. After that the discussion was easy.

  2. It is amazing how much an agreement of common terms can get everyone working as a team. I’d love to sit in on one of your sessions, Sidey – I bet they’re compelling.

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