Lessons from the Universe

A few years ago I had a strange(ish) weekend in which I went to see 2 films dealing with sexuality and gender. The one was about someone changing gender and having to also cope with the discovery of his/her child as a teenager. The other was that famous one about the gay cowboys and their relationship and lives.  By the end of the weekend I was wondering if the universe was telling me something. Maybe I wasn’t as sensitive to other people’s difficulties when they don’t fit the societal norm. I spent some time reading around what some people go through, and I hope I came out of that more aware and caring.

This weekend was filled with dementia/alzheimers. First I read the book “Doing the rounds with Oscar” by David Dosa about a cat in a care home for mostly elderly people (many with Alzheimer’s and similar difficulties). Here the cat seems to know who is going to die and curls up next to them, as if to give comfort. David (a doctor specialising in geriatric medicine) doesn’t initially believe the stories he is told about the cat, then becomes intrigued, then from interviewing various families who experienced a death with Oscar present, becomes to believe that there is truth there, but cannot discover how the cat knows. A lot of the book is about his patients with dementia and how they and their partners and families cope as the disease progresses.  By the end of the book I was believing that Terry Pratchett was right, people should have the right to decide when to die, when who they have been is lost and who they are is someone with no quality of life.

Then today I went to a film with a friend. She chose what we were going to see, and she selected “Still Alice”. So here I am again at the end of a weekend, wondering what lesson the universe has put in my way. Of course along with wondering is the scary look at myself and wondering…


25 thoughts on “Lessons from the Universe

  1. You sound OK to me. Here’s hoping I sound OK to you. Joking aside, we all have a lot to learn about these problems, how to care for others, how to manage for ourselves, plan, prepare etc.

    1. I hpe I am, but the forgetfulness is always a worry.
      I had a friend who had tumour on the brain and she started by not being able to remember words.

      1. It is hard to sort out what is simply an effect of aging so the remedy is learn to live with it, and the effect of ‘something’ where there is a fix available whatever ones age, and one should make a fuss until it is better. How to know? I suppose explore but do not let the enquiry take over ones life.

  2. That is certainly a lot of scope for wondering! Stop, and have a stiff drink!
    That cat is amazing. I have heard of other animals – mainly dogs – who set themselves out as caregivers and seem aware of mortality. I have also come across the wonderful benefits to children thought of as terminally ill after contact with horses and dolphins.
    The right to buzz off gracefully? I can’t see any benefit to anyone at all in preventing it.

  3. And next weekend you may end up in a cinema showing movies about millionaires all weekend.

    I stood in three separate lumps of dog poo yesterday while taking pictures.
    The universe was definitely sending me a message!

  4. You are one of the most okay on the blogsphear that I’ve come across , as am sure prior commenters and those to follow will be (put in the latter so as not offend, though not needed they are all unique therefore ‘okay’).
    Am beginning to think the definition of ‘okay’ should be rewrote.

    When it comes to ‘rights’ no matter the topic there will be a left and right. Expecting the rights or wishes should be paramount, unfortunately it seems to be looked at legislatively. Which is okay if the system is unbiased, putting the rights of individual first.

    When it comes to the right to die. I had to make that decision with my father, it wasn’t easy but it was definitely humane.

    I know am not part of circle, but am glad to pick up this cast from the wheel.

  5. I know of a cat that lives in a local veterinarian’s office that is privately called the angel of death. She seems to know when animals are there to be euthanized. She goes into the room they are in, and waits with them.

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