The lure of old science fiction

I am so often delighted to find old science fiction (not the sort with scary alien monsters) but those that turn a fanciful eye to either the future or alternate lifestyles in the same of different worlds. The advent of my IPad and the fact that various kind people are re-publishing old science fiction (past […]


Spirit of place and time

Places remind us -of experiences, people, emotions. I often think place is just somewhere to put time. If we are frequently in a place it gains permanence in our memories, and expectations. It is odd to think of places that are permanent for some, being quite transient in ones own mind and memory. Recently I […]

Take me on your journey

So many misunderstandings come from people not having followed the same ‘journey’ in getting to where they are. I see this so often in groups arguing or seeming to agree and then doing completely different things. One of my favourute things is to take such a group along a path of discovery, starting from some […]

People watching

I have recently had the privilege of working closely with 2 men, quite different in background, but both intelligent and thoughtful.  That contract is about to end, and I will be sad to lose the almost daily interaction with them. One in his 30’s the other in his 60’s and both with a sense of […]

Kindergarten Competition

The Food Bloggers Indaba (see previous post) went very well. We arrived, ate, drank, chatted, laughed, awarded prizes for anything and everything, had a game to hand out the “goodie bags”, and then… We had a creative competition. Amazing just how badly adults can behave given half a chance. A friend (who was attending the […]

Creating the competition

Some years ago, blogging on a South African site I met many other South Africans. Some I loved, some bored me silly. Out of that experience I have retained some wonderful friends. We were apparently a world first of bloggers who MOBBED – Meet Other Bloggers (M.O.B) We would meet in twos – my first […]

Secret Valentine

February 13th. His first Valentine’s day in South Africa. Off to the shop on the way home, to pick up 26 identical little boxes, each with 2 chocolates and a little red rose. February 14th. In to the office ahead of everyone – quite difficult to achieve, these South Africans always started work an hour […]

We Shall Overcome

Reading the news this morning I discovered that Pete Seeger, the man who wrote “We shall overcome”  has died in his 90’s. I loved his stuff as a youngster, it spoke of possibilities, hinted that we could be better than we were but not in a polite mealy-mouthed way. But the memory that came flooding […]

Did Enid Blyton help create a generation of leaders?

Before I start let me state in no uncertain terms that this is purely my own musings from memory, and contains not a single shred of well researched evidence on my part. Yesterday I read an article on the mistakes parents are making that prevent their children from becoming leaders. One of the areas concerned […]

MEN and a morning musing

I was just thinking about how men are so often such wonderful people when up popped a story online. About a dad who blogs, and he posted a picture of himself doing his daughter’s hair. Apparently that went viral all over, with both good and bad comment (and of course racist because he is dark-skinned). […]