Random thoughts – some families

Some families seem to all get along, others can never spend any time together without serious arguments. Why? Is this a genetic thing, or did the good or bad patterns start somewhere and just become ingrained in everyone through experience?

Some families seem to have such a close sense of silly, that you can watch them and see them all getting helpless laughing over something that any’outsiders’ with them just don’t get.

Some families have a common ‘smell’ – not necessarily bad, and not that they all use the same soap, deodorant etc.  Does this enhance parent-child bonding?



4 thoughts on “Random thoughts – some families

  1. I had a set of grandparents that argued the entire time they were alive, contentious to the point of embarrassment to everyone around them. But they loved each other and would not be separated until death took my grandfather. No one else understood it, but it worked for them.

    I don’t know what that enhanced or did not enhance. It was troubling at times, I guess, but I would give a day of my life to spend one more day with them.


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