The little girl was excited, her first CONCERT. Last year she had been in the audience with her parents, watching as all those girls danced. This year she was one of them, a fairy, with a real sparkly wand. She knew it was real, she had helped her dad make it, the stick, carefully painted silver like her ballet shoes, the two stars, each with one side having the silver paint, then the glitter glued over that. It had been quite messy but oh it was such fun. Then dad carefully joined the pieces together, and she had a wand! Her grandmother had made her fairy dress, pink and with a net skirt that stood out.

Her aunt and uncle had also come to watch the concert so she KNEW it was very important.

Nearly the end of the year, nearly her birthday. Then she would be 5 and could start at big school, not just playschool like this year.

Because her sister was already in the dancing class the teacher had let her join, even though she said “I don’t normally let them join too young”. A year of so many experiences, even the dancing teacher taking them into town to go and see Swan Lake at the same movie house where she had seen Dumbo with her aunt. That had been so exciting, if a little confusing. The prince was obviously a little stupid not to recognise his girlfriend just because she was wearing a different dress. She did wonder how they would cope when they were married. Maybe someone would have to introduce them every day?

She pranced up and down the passage, the family were getting ready to leave for the concert. Her uncle wryly commented “She holds that wand like a battleaxe”, but that didn’t worry her.


The concert was fun. She sat with her mum and dad until the interval. Then she had to go and sit backstage while the final groups danced. Then came the last dance – the one she was in! She led the dancers onto the stage, the smallest one. They danced around, making wonderful patterns. She skipped, she hopped, she twirled all exactly right for the dance. And then the grand finale, the fairies all standing in a beautiful pattern with her RIGHT AT THE FRONT!

The audience applauded, she was sure it was mostly for her, right there at the front. She could see the family, so she waved her wand happily.

Then as they had been told all the dancers waited while the curtain closed. Then they could all move away and be ready for the whole ballet school to line up on the stage.

The disaster happened. The curtain closed behind her, leaving her alone on the stage. For a few seconds she wondered when the curtain would close, then she turned around to discover she was the only one left.

Calmly she stood up, then bent over, lifted up the bottom of the curtain and crawled under it.

Safely backstage she ran to the teacher who gave her a big hug and told her how well she had danced.

20 thoughts on “DANCING

  1. This is the cutest story Sidie. Good for you for just going with it and crawling under the curtain! I bet that got some applause too.

    Here’s my contribution (which is much more dark than your lovely tale.)

  2. Oh Sidey.! how many times have we gone to school displays and watched our children and then grandchildren perform. The wonder never fades for us.
    A delightful little story. Thank you.

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