Thursday thoughts

Why do jokes make us laugh? Usually because they take something we expect (in normal life) and make them into something slightly (or very) different. The surprise is the thing that makes it funny. Oddly enough Freud, who is not a favourite of mine, actually wrote a whole book about the nature of laughter. The […]

Big Julie, first time guardian angel

The Most Senior sat next to me. She sighed gently, making a small cloud tumble and giggle. Then it came back and formed a circle around her head. “Look I’m a halo” came from round her head. She smiled and said, “Thank you so much, you make a beautiful halo”. The cloud swirled around giggling […]

Midweek mental meanderings

I had supper last night with a friend of many years standing. We have been through most of our lives together, sharing the highs and lows, the joys and heartbreaks, the serious discussions and the laughs. We were discussing this and that and she said “Nothing surprises me these days”, then she modified it to […]

Tuesday, with a Monday flavour

Looking at a friend’s photograph on Facebook this morning made me think. He lives in New York, and it’s taken in a high up apartment somewhere. The view of the city beyond is amazing. I immediately thought “Wow I’d like to be there”. Then I realised the desire is for a short visit only. I […]