A Story – part 95

Thomas, Lisa and I settled down with some coffee and cake to watch the wedding on local TV. We were lucky that the TV station was showing it, it wasn’t going to be live anywhere else. We all three feel we “own” this couple.  The problems with Philip, the meeting in the wood and the […]

Weekend Theme – 26 Nov 2010

I have just been reminded that it’s Friday, and I haven’t posted the weekend theme. This week on facebook we have (many of us) posted a cartoon character instead of our faces, in support of children. It has been such fun seeing who picked which cartoon character. So that’s what has inspired this weekend’s theme […]

A Story – part 92

It’s my wedding day. A big event for me. For years I just couldn’t see myself loving and living with just one woman. For the rest of my life! And yet Anthea has been a part of my life since she was very small.  How dear she is to me. Now I see my life […]

A story – part 90

Leo thanked the security man, who was relieved to be going about his business.  In parting he wished us well on our wedding day and said we were not to worry about Philip’s attempts to spoil it for us. “That’s being taken care of” he said with no explanation. Leo made a few phone calls […]

A Story – part 89

Philip felt that he was achieving his goals. The photographs edited to have Anthea’s face were graphic enough to make even he, who knew they were faked, feel rather queasy. The story, with written evidence from the man who had ‘so conveniently’ died, made for riveting story. A tale of satanism, sadism, bestiality, murder. It […]

A story – part 88

The security man from whom I had had assistance when I suspected Philip may have abducted Anthea called me and asked if he could have some time with myself and Anthea. I asked if anything was wrong.  He replied that no one was in physical danger, but he had some information that affected both of […]