Secret Watcher

A weekend away does not help to give me time to write. At least not when  it’s away visiting family and friends in Cape Town. Then the week has been a bit oddly busy, so many different things to do that I’m not really focused on an anything much. The secret watcher has been haunting […]

Weekend theme

Friday morning and I am watching the sunrise lighten up the world below. The hilly bits below are cheerfully lit on one side and casting ever-shortening shadows on the other. I left home in the dark, drove to the airport in the dark, we took off in the dark. Rather repetitive. But now the moon […]


Once again today I was struck by how many people seem to think that the WAY they think is fine and do NOT want to investigate any other options for improving hpw they use their minds. After a professional body meeting I was chatting to someone and I asked if the methods for structuring problem-solving […]

Nothing Much

Gentle reader, For this a release of all of the Noch stories complete with the previously unpublished sections, such as where Granath was born and raised, I have been asked to provide a forward. As so many of you, my devoted and kind readers  have for so long speculated as to where the name of […]

Weekend Theme

Once again it is  FRIDAY. The last long hours before the weekend. Today I have just heard we have 5 to 18 degrees Celsius today. That may not sound too good, but when you realise this is the depths of winter for us, you will understand why I think that’s pretty good weather. It has […]

Wednesday thoughts

I often wonder just how much of “the picture” most of us see? Recently I had someone tell me they thought their company was perfect at something. They have made quite a lot of progress in one area, proving more effective and efficient at specific things. No doubt that a lot of hard work has […]


  When she began it was like all other humans, a sperm and an egg. Joining, splitting, experiencing hormones, developing buds for arms, legs, a head. A miracle in every minute. The hormones she experienced depended on those tricky chromosomes. One combination makes a female baby and another male. Hers for female, but she was […]

Weekend theme

Friday morning, not very early. I slept in until I woke as it is a holiday in South Africa. Woman’s Day. Therefore selecting the theme is easy today. It is Women As usual, create your own post. If you have never played along, try it. Your post can be words, pictures, sound. Anything that is […]


A fellow project manager once said to me, “We PM’s so love chaos”. While I was pondering just how weird he was, he continued, “We love taking it and putting it into some kind of structure”. That is true. We create plans, we divide work up among those capable of doing it. We set deadlines, […]