Once again today I was struck by how many people seem to think that the WAY they think is fine and do NOT want to investigate any other options for improving hpw they use their minds.

After a professional body meeting I was chatting to someone and I asked if the methods for structuring problem-solving thinking would be of benefit to them in something they have set up. He immediately said “NO we are doing fine”.

That left me with the uneasy thought, maybe I am also resisting learning something new.

Oh dear!

8 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. I’m not worried about you, Sidey – but I do wonder about people who respond to the kind of question you asked in the manner that man did – immediately, without thinking.

    1. I worry about me. People whp are resisting something often pretend to themselves to be reasonable. It is good to check oneself as well – OFTEN in my case.

    1. They have just been theough a whole process of getting people to recoed information for use. I think they are a little tired (in the corporate sense) and need a break before the next round of improvements

  2. When I was working (not idling like now – haha) I worked among a crowd of engineers, of whom I was in charge. I found my thinking constantly challenged by my bosses, but also by those who worked in my area. There was always an opportunity to adjust my thought – in fact it was rather forced upon me by the community. This was because in our environment all were free to think, and contribute to the reasoning process.


  3. Some people are just set in their ways and have to learn in their own time and well, there are some that never do. There are really folks out there that believe their way is the only right way and that’s it and feel there is nothing new to be learned. I feel sorry for them. Life is all about learning. 😀
    Great post as usual. *hugs*

  4. Cliques and Camps of sameness do exist, but the natives must be getting worried, as more and more ‘thought’ and ‘thinking’ goes global thanks to internet. Everyday my thoughts and thinking change or reshape due to the likes of you and others -communicating and dialogue goes to an open mind. It doesn’t always make sense but overtime its and bits seem to soak into this thick skull of mine. T’z a good thing, right?

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