A fellow project manager once said to me, “We PM’s so love chaos”.

While I was pondering just how weird he was, he continued, “We love taking it and putting it into some kind of structure”. That is true. We create plans, we divide work up among those capable of doing it. We set deadlines, targets and measurements.

However, the difficulty is that humans don’t always work according to the best laid plans.

I think project managers may have troubles with reality, and put in a structure to deal with the unreality of reality.

Yet everyone LOVES a plan. It gives STRUCTURE to chaos. So many people LOVE STRUCTURE.

Oddly it is the least creative AND the most creative who desire structure in their lives. Monday do this and that. Tuesday those other things. Breakfast is at 6.30 exactly and is always the same.

One can understand why the least creative are unable to change something that apparently works. Yet people who are the most creative, who live in worlds we think of as imaginary, thrive on an exact known structure. Meals at specific times, same clothes for specific days of the week.

One theory I have read in a few places is that the chaos and stuff that goes on in their heads needs the balance of routine and structure in their physical lives.

I love taking a ‘pile of information’ and creating a structure in which various aspects can be easily found. Seems odd to those who know the chaos of my home. I guess I can only have so much structure, and then it all gets too much.


22 thoughts on “Structure?

  1. Sounds sensible to me. Structure and predictability has a ‘yawn factor’ and tends to be ‘numbing’ when excessive. Finding balance that works, maybe that’s the key?

  2. Like you, “I love taking a ‘pile of information’ and creating a structure in which various aspects can be easily found.”

    Before every trial, I prepared a trial notebook to create order and structure. And I’m doing the same right now with my Hurricane Notebook.

  3. Yes, the balance… My mind longs for structure, while my soul wants to toss it out. I hope I always allow the creative in me just a tiny bit of extra rope. 😉

  4. I think I’m somewhere in the middle, Sideview. I like a little structure, but not too much. I also like a little chaos, but again, not too much. Just enough of both to keep it interesting!

  5. Wonderful post, Sidey. I believe true creativity uses organised structure and delights in it, whilst simultaneously inviting in the unexpected.Problem solving towards a vision is intoxicating. If God exists, I feel sure he is something along the lines of an engineer.

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