Secret Watcher

A weekend away does not help to give me time to write. At least not when  it’s away visiting family and friends in Cape Town. Then the week has been a bit oddly busy, so many different things to do that I’m not really focused on an anything much.

The secret watcher has been haunting me all week. That’s the problem with these secretive beings. Are they evil; are they benign, or simply indifferent?  Who are they?  Where are they?

The thinking has taken me to CCTV cameras, what they record, who watches the content, how often? What do they see? Does what they see lead them to any action?

Too many questions, not enough answers.

19 thoughts on “Secret Watcher

  1. I suppose those secret watchers can be every-whichway. Parents, snooping to prevent harm, enemies trying to catch one out, ripoff artists looking for an angle, Big Brother trying to take control.
    In general, if one doesn’t have any nasty little secrets it simply doesn’t matter who is watching.

  2. I don’t so much mind the CCTV, I do mind the neighbourhood snoops and the stalkers, the hounding of celebrities, etc., usually (it seems) for some sort of gain, be it money or power… or just plain bloodymindedness (always wanted to use that word 😉 )

  3. I’m delighted to hear that you’ve been enjoying a weekend away with friends and family in Cape Town.

    We saw a travel show on Cape Town recently . . . stunning scenery.

  4. It was for me, for many years, web cams. Just pick a location anywhere in the world and go there -New York City, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, to mountain base camps of Everest to any ocean shoreline. Now with Google expanding its street level view now you can see where people live, how the live and how they interact in vast locations world wide . Call it nosy, call it curious, call it creepy, call it escapism.

    Closed-circuit television I hardly notice (unless I just finished watching a Bourne legacy movie). But then I have worked for close to thirty years under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras.

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