Wednesday thoughts

I often wonder just how much of “the picture” most of us see?

Recently I had someone tell me they thought their company was perfect at something. They have made quite a lot of progress in one area, proving more effective and efficient at specific things. No doubt that a lot of hard work has achieved a lot.

But (why is there always a but?) there are areas they haven’t even started on.  More returns will come from the next steps in improvement. I like the way they tackle one area and get it sorted out to produce results by working smarter. No one is over-stressed, yet the improvements are real. Human benefits as well as business benefits.

Growing older, I look back and marvel at the stuff I didn’t know and that now is just context for the next level of thinking.

Then I wonder what next? What have I still to learn?

That’s when I realise the world will always be exciting for me.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday thoughts

  1. Oh I need to remember to do just that. This gives me hope, your Wednesday thought. A good way to end this Tuesday night. Thank you.

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