Weekend theme

Friday morning and I am watching the sunrise lighten up the world below. The hilly bits below are cheerfully lit on one side and casting ever-shortening shadows on the other.

I left home in the dark, drove to the airport in the dark, we took off in the dark. Rather repetitive. But now the moon sits fatly above, waiting to be really outshon by the sun.

This morning reminds me of so many times in the air watching the changes between day and night, those so often magical transitions. It is a bit like being a secret watcher.

The singing spaceman’s wonderful pictures of earth sent from the space station were somewhat the same, secretly watching and admiring the Earth and her beauties.

Enough about the view. Time to (not exactly now as we are flying) post the weekend theme.

This week it is

The secret watcher

As usual, to play along, create your post, words, pictures or whatever then come back here and leave a link to it so that others can follow the trail and see just what everyone makes of it.

It has taken over 24 hours to get this posted! Phew when technology gets cross with you, you SUFFER!


16 thoughts on “Weekend theme

  1. Sidey, I have been remiss these last few weeks. Todays, I will own, is a response to your ‘women’ theme; I am pondering nothing at all. But I shall have something ready for your secret watcher before it turns midnight in Britain.

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