THOSE days and events to remember

There are days and events that are common to the memories of many. We use them as links to new acquaintance. A favourite question “Where were you when you heard of…………..” Or “Do you remember watching………………?” For a long time (for my generation) it was “where were you when you heard of Kennedy’s assassination? “ […]

‘Unemployable’ – how early does it start?

How is it that some people are unemployable? It’s not just a case of having some basic skills such as reading and writing, though that lack does stop many from getting any job but the most basic manual ones. It also has something to do with the ability to use skills and judgement consistently. But […]

Work? Me? You have to be joking……….

The mental processes needed to get oneself up, dressed, fed, mentally ready for work after a 4 day weekend is hard enough. But knowing that tomorrow is again a holiday makes it that much more difficult. Why on earth do we have all these disjointed holidays? Why did the government schools have a break, go […]

Friday morning, a chance to stay in bed and think

It’s Good Friday. The most solemn of the Christian holidays. The morning started out very quiet, pretty dark still for me. Now that the window above my bed is closed for the winter I don’t hear what’s left of the early morning birdsong that easily. I made coffee and toasted a hot cross bun, for […]

  It’s Wednesday if you count from the beginning of the work week, or Thursday – if you count down from the last working day of the week. Well so it is for some of us. For others, shops, restaurants etc., it’s definitely just Wednesday. Our sense of date and time is (for most people) […]