Weekend Theme

  It’s Friday morning, nice and early. I awoke easily on my own before the alarm. The small pleasures in life are mine; one of which is waking refreshed and alert before the radio alarm starts up. That means I slept well, and as those who suffer from insomnia will agree, a good straight-through night’s […]

The Decision

I was MIA due to a nasty gastric bug all weekend. And just to prove that one weekend theme does not end before the next is posted, here’s my contribution.   Tonight was the night. I was so sure. I’d had my hair done at lunchtime after college, and when I walked past the jeweller’s shop where […]

Weekend Theme

Friday again, gosh they seem to come past so very fast. (Why do we all say things like that as we get older?) Last Friday I spent 9 hours door to door going from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The delay all caused by the smaller local airport not having the same tarmac that gets rid […]

Pinky’s quizzy thingy

My buddy Pinky does these food related quizzes. I always answer 100% 1 What tree gives us prunes?   Aha! That’s easy – prune trees! 2. What drupaceous fruit were Hawaiian women once forbidden by law to eat? What is a drupaceous fruit?  3. What is Tapenade? Kinda squishy stuff. I think olives and anchovies plus siomething […]

I wonder

I wonder, why some families seem to always be full of strife and anger and others love each other, make the effort to accommodate each other, and let everyone be a part of everything? I wonder why some people feel the need to abuse or kill animals. Does it make them feel powerful, or compensate […]

Weekend theme

It’s Friday morning and I am sitting at the local airport, waiting for my flight which has been “indefinitely delayed” by the weather. Its only raining and foggy here, not enough to stop the takeoff. We all got quite excited when one plane came in, but that was for the earlier flight. Oh well, I’m […]

Thursday Morning Musings

My last day of work before a long weekend. 3 days of it. Why do we always stress over doing too much before we go away. It will all still be there when we get back? Especially from such a short break. I’m so looking forward to it. My favourite little girls, each with a […]

Wednesday Wonderings

What makes a youngster decide to drop out? Out of school, out of supporting themselves, out of family? What do they think will become of them? A youngster, who had not experienced abuse; who had been at a private school, encouraged and supported in the sports he wanted to play. But who always shrugged off […]

The threads in my life

When I was small, the fabric of my life was my family The warp and weft; my parents providing the strength for others to add to As I grew up there were other strands added, some making the warp and weft stronger The parental threads diminished, eventually vanishing. They left the gaps but the pattern […]