How ‘big’ does one think?

I’m now of an age where I have seen my contemporaries grow, develop and take on the world in larger or smaller slices. Some have even retired, others have switched what they do to give themselves more interesting lives. What has struck me over the years is their conversations. With me, with the world, verbal […]


Roundup for the weekend theme

Cindy wrote something rather fishy I thought gobetweenflamestakes us into the realms of her mother’s cooking earlybird Insane rambled around the subject, enjoying comfort food and ideas, as she went along EXPLORER from the other side of the ‘boerewors curtain’ posted a picture to make you want to go and visit to […]

Comfort Food

It’s the stuff we tend to associate with being cold, tired, maybe miserable, maybe ill, and sometimes even also really hungry. Times when we need comfort. How often, as a child, feeling some or all of the above were the first associations of mother, comfort and food created that will linger on into adulthood? What […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday. Here in Johannesburg we are suffering the effects of the first real cold front sweeping over us. We are swathed in duvets when possible, warm clothes at all times, and thinking of the poor shivering and miserable. Along with collecting blankets and warm clothes to donate for them, we think of home, (a […]

Men who make trouble

I’m amazed at men who will do almost anything to try to maintain what they think people should believe of them. Instead of creating a reputation by great creations, working to deliver the goods, and real friendships, it’s all smoke and mirrors, all bluster and fighting rather than real stuff. Oh how exhausting they are. […]

Mr Once-only

Mr Once-only I knew someone who only committed his heart once. He had one pet as a child, and after that died, he never had another pet. Not that he disliked animals; he just wouldn’t have another to love and be responsible for. While growing up, he took out different girls and women, none for […]

Thinking and Planning

I have been watching for 2 weeks as various people assume that something is VERY simple, when it is complex. It’s a bit like watching a village of the blind meet an elephant. One describes the huge solid legs, one the wispy tail, one the flexible trunk, one the flapping ears, one the smooth curved […]

Monday morning musings…………….

The whole Dominique Strauss-Kahn story had me thinking. The relationship(s) a person in the public eye has with a spouse (or spouses – one wonders about serial or parallel spouses  – or is the plural spice?) can often be extremely difficult. After all every-day people-on-the-street have relationship problems, so why should the famous be immune? […]


THE END He typed it and sighed, staring at it in the screen. He remembered the first book, how eagerly he’d typed the terminal words after 3 months of writing. And how sad and frustrated he was that the process of editing and refining went on for another 4 months. When the first David Finch […]