Down a Rabbit Hole?

When my great aunt Mary died, we discovered a handwritten story among her things. It told of amazing happenings, all because she ended up going down a rabbit hole. I laughed secretly because I knew no person could fit down one. Then I remembered the book “Alice in Wonderland”. I quietly did some family research […]

Weekend theme

It is nearly Friday, and as usual, time for the weekend theme. I’m feeling a little unreal, therefore the weekend theme will have to follow suit. This weekend the theme is Down the rabbit hole… As usual you can simply enjoy reading all if the contributions, or you may join in, create a post using […]


I started in the spring as the village nurse, working under Doctor Lee, who was elderly and really needed the help. The man they all referred to as the ‘new’ doctor, a man who had been living there for the 10 years since Doctor Lee retired had been swept up in that great military machine […]

Weekend Theme

This weekend it’s dead simple. The theme is HANDLES How did this one come about? I have no idea at all. I opened the document to start typing this while my PC realised the 3G connector is in and needs to prompt me for a pin number. As I started typing, there was the one […]


One hears of unusual cravings experienced by people, especially pregnant women. I have to confess most of my friends and fanmily have only told me of fairly normal ‘cravings’ during pregnancy. A spell of wanting savoury things only, a craving for Marmite on toast, a craving for ice cream with chocolate sauce, and one for […]

Moose Jersey

I saw this a few moments ago and wanted to show you what my Moose Jersey did NOT look like. Mine was a dark turquoise, the body and sleeves all the same shade, and the moose head was sideways so you could only see one eye. ———-

Amusing Consequences

Thinking about the subject this weekend has been odd. Firstly I mis-managed my own electronic diary somewhere during the week. Instead of changing next Sunday’s brunch to the Saturday, I changed this Sunday’s invitation. I arrived a whole day early, m uch to everyone’s amusement. The security guard at the gate phoned her, and she […]

Weekend Theme

Friday, weekend theme time. This week I actually have one ready (almost). The consequence of sleeping early, waking in the pre-dawn dark, having a cat to cuddle under the duvet and enjoy the purring. I had planned just one word, but then I decided that maybe I needed a little extra, hopefully to steer the […]

Steps along the way, in a jersey

Jersey, pullover, cardigan many names for garments made of (originally) wool, and knitted or crocheted. Although I hate winter and being cold – South African buildings are created in the weird belief that we have summer all year and that winter is a nasty piece of bad weather to be handled as an emergency disaster, […]