Amusing Consequences

Thinking about the subject this weekend has been odd.

Firstly I mis-managed my own electronic diary somewhere during the week. Instead of changing next Sunday’s brunch to the Saturday, I changed this Sunday’s invitation. I arrived a whole day early, m uch to everyone’s amusement. The security guard at the gate phoned her, and she was out, shopping for today. Amusing? yes I think it was.

But then I had this little brain walk-about. (I know it’s too small to be out alone without supervision, but my brian frequently just escapes and goes advcenturing)

I have seen many photos of Gordon Ramsey apparently shouting and probably using his “F” word at people in various kitchens. Having never seen him in action myself, neither in the flesh nor on TV, I really have to imagine all this.



I have several Chefs in the family, each of who cares for their own knives most tenderly, sharpening them before use, cleaning them carefully after use, so I KNOW how chef’s knives are also DANGEROUS WEAPONS.

Imagine the consequences of Gordon Ramsey suddenly being faced with a kitchn full of chefs he has just been shouting at, all armed with their favourite, BIG, SHARP knife.

Maybe the look of a re-think?




29 thoughts on “Amusing Consequences

  1. Classic, early for brunch LOL! 🙂

    I’m not a fan of old Gordon and the swearing. I’m not a prude and can belt out a few choice words myself, I just think he is so fake for ratings that it makes me sad

  2. Sidey I can remember at Kate Shrewsday’s wedding to Phil, at which June and I played hosts, there was a juggler who used knives. When he scraped them together they sounded horrendous! And he spread a “bloodstained” sheet on the floor for someone to lie on. I can remember that sound exactly!

  3. Better a day early then a day late….works for me.

    You might be right, only a matter of time when Gordon could find himself meeting the wrong person. But I only know him by reputation, have never seen his program.

  4. Hmmmm if everyone he peed off takes a jab there won’t be anything left of him. Mind you, I rather enjoyed his Hotel Hell – but he was rather mild in that show, compared to some of the others…

                    1. thinking of the song from lion king…I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts….big ones, small ones, some as big as your head, once!

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