I suspect inconsistency is the nature of human existence. Everyone has mood changes, driven internally or externally. Exposure to new ideas, facts, experiences and people’s ideas and outlook can and do change. Then again there are people who claim “I am always the same”. Yet anyone who has seen some scary movies knows that under […]

Weekend Theme

This weekend I have 2 events. One a memorial service for an aunt who spent the last years of her life with her brain “in a fog”. Not recognising people, not remembering recent events, feeling angry at what had happened to her. We all hoped that her release from this ‘non-life’ would be swifter to […]

Swings and Roundabouts

I am often quite confused as to the reasons for some themes I propose. I often wonder what in my subconscious gets these odd ones to surface. However without extensive and costly analysis, I am sure the answers may elude me. Thinking over this Theme for this weekend a memory surfaced of this as a […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday evening and I still haven’t posted the weekend theme. That is because until 5 minutes ago I couldn’t decide what it is to be. The process of deciding is really what made this theme. This weekend it is Swings and Roundabouts As usual, to play along, create a blog post utilising the theme. […]


About 3 years ago, tired of the politics on the Media24/Latterdash blogging platform I joined WordPress. This week I was reminded of that time. There in my notifications was this: It has been interesting. I started out doing a post a day, reading others and being very involved. Then suddenly itbecame too much, and I […]