“I think I can” or “A cell phone named Icarus”

Once there was a cell phone, quite the rage when it was bought, but which quickly discovered its owner was not in love with it. It spent all of its time either repressed and at the bottom of her handbag, on a coffee table in the sitting room, on the bedside table.

It did come out occasionally to take photographs, to be used for phone calls, or to receive and send messages. Most mornings it faithfully chimed at the time set by the owner to remind her not to sleep.

But the poor little thing realised it was missing out on so much. Occasional spells on a table side by side with other phones and it discovered there was so much more to life. Being carried in the hand,  snapping every occasion and immediately uploading these photos to something called Facebook, Twitter or “the blog”. Occasionally its owner did these things, but the phone realised it was only living a half-life. For example other phones could tell of trips out on the dashboard of a car, watching the world go by. It decided being forced to communicate via the car’s Bluetooth system while being kept in the bottom of the handbag was an insult to its own capabilities.

The phone had developed a bit of a complex. Unloved, underused. It began to dream of escape to someone addicted to its capabilities, someone who would carry it around in their hand, let it show off all the time how smart it was.

Then came Sunday 12 May 2013. A day the phone would never forget. After the usual, stuffed into the handbag, jostled around in the dark, out into the sunshine.  Then pictures were taken, and suddenly the table surface where the phone lay was moving slightly. The phone was raised again and again, to take photos. “Sky Dining” was the name of what was going on. People eating, drinking, taking photographs, and when the phone found itself held to take a photograph of feet, dangling 40 meters above the ground a new idea took hold.  If only the phone could get to the edge and leap off, it could FLY. Zooming around filming the scene, swooping and looping in the air. Freedom at last.

I think I can, I think I can it chanted. Waiting for the opportunity.

FINALLY, being passed from hand to hand around the table (apparently it was expected to take pictures of the owner from the other side) the chance came. There it was; a gap in the table top.  Without thinking it twisted sideways slipping through the gap.  Free!

Sadly though flying wasn’t quite as easy as the birds made it seem. The first few meters were quite fun, but then the phone realised the ground was coming up towards it quite fast and nothing it could do helped.

Thump, all went dark.

A while later it felt power returning, the pin code entered. Light, action. Being asked to phone someone. However something wasn’t quite right. Try as it may, the phone realised the shock had made it dump all photographs, its memory in that area, lost, gone for ever.

Sadly, the phone realised it would never fly, its abilities now reduced, its once musical voice now more of a croak.  The owner chatting was talking of its replacement, due any time now. Yet the owner didn’t seem to realise just how amazing the phone really was. HUH! If the owner had tried flying like that, they would have been a rather mangled mess. Those soft bodies aren’t really made for impact, are they?

29 thoughts on ““I think I can” or “A cell phone named Icarus”

          1. Going there now – let’s humanize your phone and make it Mrs/Mr Phone by sticking some googly eyes onto it? I think most China shops out to sell them.

  1. Oh dear, that poor maligned phone. Just when it was truly coming into its own, it had an accident. A very sad tale, sidey. I hope the new phone will assert itself right from the beginning. 🙂

  2. Did you reward the phone for its reaction to being bonked by jumping up and down on it? I would have. I would have viewed dumping all that stuff in a serious light.

  3. Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark! Glad that it was your phone, and not you, that went sky diving while sky dining.

    How was the meal? Did it take you to the height of ecstasy?

    1. the meal was ok, not great, but bulk (24 about) servings, delivered together outdoors and then hoisted into the air. it is hard to do something both hot and amazing

      1. I’ve seen something like that . . . maybe in Las Vegas. Everyone is seated high in the air and then the food joins them.

        I’d be worried that I would need a potty break in the middle of the meal. 😛

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