Steps along the way, in a jersey

Jersey, pullover, cardigan many names for garments made of (originally) wool, and knitted or crocheted.

Although I hate winter and being cold – South African buildings are created in the weird belief that we have summer all year and that winter is a nasty piece of bad weather to be handled as an emergency disaster, I LOVE jerseys. Particularly hand knitted ones.

Unfortunately for someone with this liking, I cannot knit.  It isn’t that I am totally useless with my hands; I can sew, embroider, quilt, and crochet. Somehow two needles, a dangly piece of knitting and a string of wool to manage is all just too much for me.

Therefore when I get the chance to have someone knit for me, making me something specially for me, pattern, wool, colour all chosen by me I am so happy.

Some (actually many) years ago I was waiting in the sandwich shop queue at lunchtime when I noticed a girl in the queue, wearing a jersey with an animal knitted into it. I had always wanted a fun jersey like that, but as it was my mother or grandmother who knitted for me, and as they would not ever have imagined such a thing desirable, I had never managed to get one.

A discussion, the exchange of a precious piece of paper, a phone call. Then some waiting and we met. I handing over money, she handing over the pullover.  A street transaction at lunch time. Oh how I wish I could have afforded more of those.

Back home I happily took it out, and stared in delight. A lovely dark turquoise colour, exactly the right size. And there in the front a moose in black! With an eye looking at the world.

I wore it winter after winter, till it became so worn and matted that the moose was more like a bear.

I have never had, or really desired another like it.

I suspect we all have some childhood desire we need to live out in order to start growing up.

42 thoughts on “Steps along the way, in a jersey

  1. Never knew you had a thing for jerseys! We learn something new every day! The moose sounds really awesome though – must be the notion of antlers.

                  1. I’d better send out a general message – no more tea for the crazy lady! or she might braid the kitty’s fur and paint their nails purple!

                    1. Those poor kitties probably didn’t know what hit them – guess that’s for the best? Poor, poor little ones…

  2. I had a jersey which I, too, wore until it fell to bits. June knitted it for me.
    It was chiefly purple, with a white polo neck. I wore it whenever the cold struck!
    In our family it became known as the “purple jurple”. It is still remembered by them and missed by me after some 30 years!

  3. Contrary to popular belief I too cannot knit. I once knitted a jumper for my son and it had holes in it and one sleeve was longer than the other. It’s just not my thing! 🙂

  4. Och, lassie, it would seem tae be that the wee moose became a rat!
    My mother couldn’t knit either, and I remember being delighted when the mother of two close friends knitted me one to match theirs.

  5. Just as well we grow up, Sidey. When I think of all the things I have wanted throughout my life, I realise now that, actually, they weren’t meant for me and I wouldn’t give tuppence for them now, lol! 🙂

  6. Lovely story, sidey. My gran used to knit those jerseys and cardigans with animals on the back,. I was given a purple one with a reindeer knitted into it. Not my style really, but I had to wear it. 🙂

  7. “– South African buildings are created in the weird belief that we have summer all year and that winter is a nasty piece of bad weather to be handled as an emergency disaster”

    This applies very much to most Australian buildings too. The older I get the harder I find it to keep warm enough all through winter.

      1. Right, anyway the summers seem to be longer than the winters. So, it won’t be long, and summer temperatures are going to be back again! I’m looking forward to warmer weather. Sometimes it can be already a bit warmer in July. The coldest month is usually June!

            1. Our August wind (Johannesburg is high above sea level) is that nasty cold wind that eats into everything. But we need it to set up weather partterns for spring rains

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