One hears of unusual cravings experienced by people, especially pregnant women. I have to confess most of my friends and fanmily have only told me of fairly normal ‘cravings’ during pregnancy. A spell of wanting savoury things only, a craving for Marmite on toast, a craving for ice cream with chocolate sauce, and one for prawns, but as she loves prawn even when not pregnant, I suspect some deviousness there and not a lack of iodine.

In South Africa we hear sometimes about women in rural areas who eat earth (particularly red earth) when pregnant. Apparently a craving. “But how can you crave something you have ever tasted?” I remember one friend saying when we first heard this.  Yet you hear of women craving ice cream and pickles. Surely that is not a combination you would have tasted previously?

All of this was started by the events begun by someone posting about an article over an edible thing that is a cross between croissant dough and frying and sugar-coating as is done to a doughnut.

I mistakenly went and read the blog post about it.

Then            I found myself SMELLING doughnut.

Then                   I found myself craving doughnut.

Then                             I had some water and an apple, thinking I may be hungry.

Then                                         I was still craving a doughnut.

Then                                                   I started wondering where I could get one, find someone with one who would share it with me…

Eventually after about an hour of this, I went out looking for one.

No stale copy would do. It would have to be fresh, soft inside, crispy on the outside. It would probably taste too sweet for me…..

Iwent to the large bakery about a kilometer from home. looking over the shelves of packaged goods, then to the racks of fresh delights. NO DOUGHNUTS!

The baker smiled at me when I asked. “Yes I do make them”, he said, “In the mornings. But they are all sold out now. The staff searched at the back, just in case there was one hiding there waiting for me”.


So I went home and had a cup of coffee and resumed working.

I wonder when that craving will again return? It had better be some morning when I can get there and have one. Then I will write it off as DONE!

25 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. Haha I hate it when that happens – you mind your own business and it just hits you and nothing will do until you sate that damn craving!

  2. We crave what is denied us, that’s the irony and the fun of it, if it happens it will be ‘jus’ dessert.

    1. we do. when I was told to cut out sugar almost completely (I’m hypoglycaemic or pre-diabetic) I stopped having a chocolate when playing bridge. the temptation became dreadful, then I started taking one from the bowl at the beginnig of the evening and putting it at my place, so I would have one when I was ready for it. suddenly the desire went away and most nights I would put it back, untouched at the end of the evening. being allowed one meant I didn’t feel ‘denied’

  3. there is nothing more frustrating than wanting something specific to eat and not being able to get your teeth into it. I often crave sweet things, often after I’ve had scrambled eggs. That sounds odd even as I’m writing it, but’s true 🙂

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