Nom de plume

The world is like the theatre Men must play their roles From start to end that is so true tonight when I would love to be sitting quietly in my room, developing this wretched poem that has begun to tease at my imagination, I must attend on the Queen with my husband. How does one […]

Weekend Theme

As usual on a Friday morning, I need to post the Weekend theme. But for a change I almost know what it is before I put finger to the keyboard. Kate Shrewsday got me started; writing about who could have really been the writer who created the collected works we today believe were written by […]

Monday evening musings

Power. What is it? Who has it? Do they use it well? What does ‘using power well’ mean? I finally watched Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover this evening. Along with finding Leonardo di Caprio is actor enough to age and look very saggy, I sat and wondered about the sort of power a man will […]


Sometimes we want food to look like something else? I looked at the hello kitty and thought “I can’t eat that”   But maybe the pictures on a plate could be tasty, after all a lot of it is just fruit cut up differently. I can’t face eating things I may have known. I’m not […]

Weekend Theme

When I started blogging it was on a very ‘social’ platform, and there I met some wonderful people. One group were the Food Bloggers. Those people with an interest in good food, not only for eating, but also for creating, photographing and simply sharing information. Someone I came to admire greatly is “BrownieGirl” or Colleen […]

Feeling electronically rejected

I have discovered my blog does not send notifications. It used to. Facebook carried my little link, faithfully. Apparently other methods informed people of new blog posts and comments. Alas, no more. And now at 4.12 am on a Thursday that, for us in this hemisphere, is the shortest day, I discover that my comments […]

The medium is the message

For me the phrase was the beginning of a life long interest in the interaction between people and the media they use to communicate. A book by a chap called Marshall McLuhan in the mid 1960s. Back then it was difficult to understand the impact the use of different forms of communication would have on […]

Weekend theme

For those who have never played along with us in the weekend theme, it is quite simple. You create a post (or several if you are feeling prolific) using the theme in whatever way it works for you. Then you come back to this post and leave a message itch a link so that others […]


No, not the stuff in cans that pretends to be meat. Spam in the sense of floods of e-mail messages. Do you suffer from it? How much of it is computer generated? You may be surprised. Over the last 10-20 years the floods of e-mail generated automatically by computer systems has grown exponentially. I know people […]

Why did I do this to myself?

Do you even remember the reason you started blogging? Perhaps there were several reasons. Today I was faced with someone very worried. She is expected to be a trail-breaker for social media at work. The big boss has a blog (not yet in the same platform) in an organisation of over 20,000 people. She is […]