A story – part 60

It started to rain, we ensured the tents were safe, issued a meal to all affected, and settled them down for the night. The rescue teams came in, cold and hungry. We made sure they were all fed and sent them to sleep until daylight. Sitting in the command tent with the lists of injured […]

Weekend Theme

Oops I know – I missed Friday for it. But really yesterday did NOT feel like a Friday. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. This weekend the theme is FOLD   So have fun, leave a message here so people can click on it to read your contribution to the theme.

A Story – Part 56

I think it wasn’t until I saw Philip attack Leo that I really realised how dangerous he is.  And then the relief over my escape was overwhelming.  I was in a light-hearted mood that evening at the ball until I saw Philip there.  Leo took him off and returned showing two of the security men […]

A Story – part 55

Philip took the news that Anthea had cancelled their wedding and broken off their engagement very badly.  His family tried to calm him down, but he kept saying, “I love her, she’s mine. How can she not feel the same?” Eventually they had to return home, party clothes unworn and feeling rather worried about Philip. […]

The beat of my heart

I hear the beat of my heart, it beats for me alone I hear the beat of my heart, in time with my lover’s heart, we make a couple I hear the beat of my heart in time with my family’s hearts, we make a family I hear the beat of my heart in time […]