Weekend Theme

For those who didn’t come here from Letterdash, every Friday I propose a theme, and people write posts around the theme. It’s fun to see the different takes on the same theme. We used to use comments to link to those who had posted, we can try that but I’m sure someone will tell us […]


A Story – part 7

I met him at a ball at the palace.  I was a bit naughty in picking him up after he backed into me, but he rallied well and gave me a spunky answer.  He seemed to know who I was and called me Princess, although I never use the title in daily life, teasingly asking […]

A story – part 6

For Philip, life went on as normal.  Work, diplomatic events often in the evenings, he took up running as he felt he needed a time away from people and events.  He made new friends and even started dating a few women.  Occasionally he thought he saw her again, but then when he would get closer, […]

A Story – part 5

“It’s a puzzle”, said David.  Her residence is listed as her parent’s castle near Prei Peak, yet that was ruined in the earthquake two years ago, the one that happened the day you arrived. “I remember that”, said Philip, “I joined the rescue party because of my experience in South America. That castle was a […]

A story – Part 4

He sat riveted by the sight of the King and Anthea, walking slowly together in the palace garden, heads bent towards each other, apparently having a very deep conversation.  His heart froze inside his chest.  How could this be?  Was she the King’s new mistress, had it happened while he was falling in love with […]

A story – Part 3

The next day, being a Thursday, he had to get to work early to collate the various intelligence reports into a comprehensive one. Then at 10 sharp into the head of station’s office for a discussion on it, before it was sent off to the relevant offices back home. All he really wanted to do […]

A Story – part 2

For those who thought they knew the ending… They danced and danced together.  The Ambassador was unaware of the fact that he danced with no-one else.  The old King however noticed it all. She was as pliable as a willow reed in his arms. All of the fancy steps he’d known came back and now […]