Variations on a Theme

I had hoped to have a lot of fun with this on Saturday morning. Instead my Saturday was taken up with organising a new Kitchen door, getting it fitted etc. On Friday I had been working at home, and went out to a meeting at about 10.30. A little earlier someone had rung the intercom […]


Weekend Theme

When I began this ‘Weekend thing” quite a few years ago, it was the “Weekend Challenge”. (On the old Media24 bloggs that at some stage changed to Letterdash) Sometimes the descriptions I gave were quite explicit and dictatorial. Oddly though those were the ones I liked the least. When I decided to stop the weekend […]

Music Bigot

Driving home yesterday I was annoyed by a piece being played on the radio. Very repetitive sounds, somewhat alien to my Western ear. Then I challenged myself, was I being culturally biased. Just because I didn’t grow up on Eastern music, does that make it less good? Feeling rather uncomfortable, and sitting in boring slow […]

Weekend Theme – deflagrate

“Her bodice heaving she strained against him, hoping at last this was the man to deflagrate her.” I stopped reading, took off my glasses, wiped them, steadied them back on my nose and tried again. Yes, it was still there! I sighed. Joyce Hunibun, one of the best selling authors(esses?) we had, seemed to be […]

Is she weird or ill?

Once again today I met up with a neighbour. In about 10 minutes of conversation (if you can call it that) she said much, never finished a sentence, and baffled me several times. The woman never finishes a sentence. She starts one thought and moves on to the next. What I wonder is “was she […]

A grand entrance

We drive up in Peter’s little car, parking as unobtrusively as we can among those luxury cars that are obviously the norm here. The sheer size of each parking bay indicates that the vehicle size used in planning the parking area was at least 50% larger than Peter’s car. The parking is about half full, […]

Weekend theme

The weekend is just a few hours away, so it’s time to post he weekend theme. For those who have yet to play along, on Friday I post a theme, and people create posts using the theme, leaving a message here with a link so that others can follow all the posts. Anyone with a […]

A giggle, a chortle; why not?

Last night my sister and I went to a show. I had no idea what it was, but as she is moving away it was a great chance to spend a bit of time with her before she moves. A one-man show. I’m not sure how to describe it. Sort of ‘Based on Gilbert and […]


Getting older, something few of us can avoid, and that only in a James Dean fashion of dying young. I often hear friends and family complaining about the vicissitudes of ageing. Certainly there are quite a lot of physical drawbacks. As they say “Ageing is not for sissies”. Yet there are also some compensations; more ‘balance’ […]