Weekend Theme

It is Friday (well almost)  and therefore  time for the weekend theme. During the week I came across this picture and was intrigued by it. So I mailed and asked the photographer, Wini Esterhuizen if I could use it for the theme. She graciously gave me permission, so here it is. No words for the […]

Wondering on a Wednesday

I have been doing some reading in odd places this week. One piece that caught my eye was about children with assessed IQ (in childhood) and reviewing their ideas and attitudes in later years. A statement that seemed to me to make sense was that the lower IQ types in general went for a more […]

Roses are red, Violets are blue

In the early days he sometimes bought her red roses. Sometimes one, from someone selling them table to table when they were out to dinner. Sometimes a bunch. Never so many that she would wonder what he had done wrong and was apologising for. Once he arrived with one beautiful dark red rose, with a […]

Weekend theme

Friday evening and I still haven’t posted the theme. It has been a busy day, trying to do several quite different things. But it is nearly 8pm, time to stop and relax. The possibilities for the theme seemed limited to me asking for help on any of the incomplete tasks. Then something whispered in my […]

Wednesday musings

We in South Africa are currently going through so many cases of violence, rape and death. Some days we seem to be almost immune to how dreadful our society can be. We are listed as one of the most violent societies in the world. After the recent arrest of a sportsman for the murder of […]

Anger with little management

I am angry, very angry. There is a little I am doing to hide it, but it is boiling away inside. On Sunday morning (at 7.25) I received a phone call from a friend.  When I asked how he was he said not well, and when I asked why he said C is dead, then […]


Last night I went to a concert. A man called Sixto Rodriguez. Not to be confused with Joaquin Rodrigo, whose Concerto de Aranjuez I love but somehow cannot lisp sufficiently to pronounce properly, who has been dead for some years now. This is the man who wrote folk-protest music and created a few albums in […]

Weekend Theme

Its Friday, and I have been trying for over an hour to find a theme. Eventually it came to me. The theme this weekend is   Simplicity   To play along, just create a post using the theme, then come back here and leave a comment with a link so that others can go and […]

Resignations, abdication and some rambling on

This week we have all (well most of us) been surprised by the Pope’s resignation, or was it an abdication? I have to confess some uncertainty over the correct term for it. As it has been some centuries since the last time a Pope said “ok count me out folks”, I suppose a level of […]