Weekend Theme – LATE

Being at a dead loss as to the post to go with the theme, I started wandering around various sites offering me quotes about being late. The first started me off rather well. “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how […]


Having had a rather difficult week, I logged in here to post the weekend theme and go do some reading, only to discover that this hadn’t yet been posted. OOPS! so here it is, a week late! It was at the beginning of the school year, when as a new boy I arrived at our […]

Weekend theme

It is Friday – afternoon. I haven’t got a glimmering of an idea what the theme should be. Asking my class over lunch for ideas somehow didn’t really help. Then I remembered something from a discussion last night. And wham! I went searching for an appropriate word. So here it is, the weekend theme. Gasconade […]


For a change the caps lock thingy is deliberate and not just the consequence of my nimble but inaccurate fingers dancing around on the keyboard. For the last few days I have had the agressive manner in which some companies sell their products and/or services on my mind. The beer manufacturer from South Africa, when […]

An Epic Tale

Gather round and listen. Leave off your toiling and games and pay attention, for I bring you a tale of those you wish to know. The epic has progressed for several years now, and we are no closer to the end, maybe even further from the end than we were when we started. The characters […]

Early morning dreams

Is this the existential angst of old age, or the consequence of cheest for supper? I was having two parallel dreams; do I have a dual-processor brain? In the one I was trying to write a talk for a conference, covering technology or business trends, new ways, ew technology, leaders. And all I could come […]

Upside down Rainbow

It seemed quite a coincidence, the week that the theme was rainbow, i learned something new, upside down rainbow. Circumzenithal arc, is the technical name. A refraction of light through horizontally oriented ice crystals. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? .


I don’t remember when he first came to town, maybe no-one does. There was a time when the women who ran the soup-kitchen talked about a man, so very thin and limping, a bandage around his head. He would assist the mothers with children, the elderly and only after them would he approach the table […]