weekend theme

It is Friday, although fairly early here and now. Therefore it is time for me to post the weekend theme. This week it is quite simple.   Education.   As usual the way to join in is simple; create your post on the subject, then come back here and leave a comment with a link […]

the 7 wonders of my world

The 7 wonders of my world. It sounded like a relatively easy challenge for someone who is always wondering (I apparently know very little). It proved to me that it is NOT the subject matter of the weekly themes that is the problem. That lies within me.   So here are my 7 wonders 1)      […]

Weekend Theme

Its Friday morning, for a change a lovely warm one. Spring is here! Of course the weather will go warmer and colder over a while, but we have reached the turning point. Happiness! Somewhere this week I heard the phrase “7 Wonders of the World”, and remembered some time ago an online voting system for […]

The recipe is….

It was in 1883, a year remarkable for me in one way – I went on a journey that took me to meet the woman who would start me on an incredible career; if only I had realised it then. My name is John Pemberton of Atlanta. I am by trade a pharmacist. In 1883 […]

Weekend Theme

It is Friday and once again time for the weekend theme. I was so happy when last week’s theme got me writing another Guardian Angel story. This week the theme is “The recipe is…”   As usual, create your post, leave a message here with a link, and enjoy browsing the other contributions.

The key to his heart

It was a while after I became a Guardian Angel that I was finally given a really difficult person. He had been crotchety as a child, never really responding to people. Not for him the gurgles and smiles of babyhood. Not for him the trusting little hand, held while the child takes its first steps. […]

Weekend Theme

I seem t0 have had several problems contributing to the themes over the past few weeks. When I saw this I thought “I wonder what key this is in?” Then I realised it is perfect for a slightly different weekend theme. So here it is: As usual, create your contribution and come leave a message […]


Snow, for some a pretty normal winter event. For us “Joburgers” it’s always rather exciting. We have had snow on 23 days in the last 103 years. That makes it a rare event, sufficient to cause great excitement. Yesterday was no exception. Clouds scudding in from the south-west as I drove to work. Mid morning, […]

The things that make me happy

After I posted the theme I realised it was a rather odd one for me. Its generally not things that make me happy , but people who do so.   I’m happiest of all surrounded by those I love, who are all happy, content or just not un-happy. Happiness tends to be a little transitory. Contentment, its […]

Weekend theme

Part of my frustration last week was not only dealing with the consequences of being robbed and having to repair damage, and upgrade security, but also having to cope with the change in my 3G for Internet access. I try to balance out risk. I have one modem from supplier M and had another from […]