Doing it right

The pressure, the attempts to get me to “do it right.” None of it worked. The two pointy sticks, the dangly bit of knitting and that always tangling thread. The dangly thread that, with everyone else, seemed to magically intertwine with the dangling piece of knitting, growing ever longer. For me, it was a source […]

weekend Theme

Friday Morning Wake Shower Breakfast Online Weekend Theme Get dressed Go to work The morning’s list is well underway. So here’s the theme.  Following on from the “control freak’s special” last week, is another in the same vein. Prompted by a week of frustration with my cellphone provider who can’t do a simple set of […]

Should that be there?

When people first started taking photographs, the equipment and process was rather costly and specialised.  So they were VERY CAREFUL not to make mistakes. Carefully posed people, sometimes even with bits and pieces of supporting equipment to make sure every piece was static. Careful scenes, the best clothes, serious faces (one shudders at how many […]

A little bird told me

I have to apologise for the tardiness. I am battling with stress caused by one person and it has struck my bloogging. Only a few more weeks, then I am free of it. Meanwhile – finally my contribution.     My grandmother always informed me that “a little bird told me” when I wondered openly […]

Weekend Theme

I have just been reminded that it is Friday evening, and I have yet to post the weekend theme. I gave myself a day off, a day of leave. I slept late, gardened for a while, then went and had a massage and reflexology, and when I returned home I slept and slept. So it […]

Asking for odd things

Every now and then you hear words coming out of your mouth and wonder “Did I really just say that?”  Hopefully that’s when you start to giggle over the fun of it, and not fight. This morning I woke very early and had some time to browse and do some reading. Lo and behold, there […]

Wishing this month would end

This process of getting out of an impossible situation has been long drawn out and made even worse by one person.  I just wish the month was over. Effort after effort to appear more important than they are. Over and over, imposing their wishes on everyone, even in complete contradiction of corporate regulations. Being cross […]


Happiness is a choice. I used to wonder about that. Is it really? How can people choose to be happy? If your child dies, how can you be happy? Thoughts as a youngster, looking at the world through the eyes of someone who had lost a child, or rather, trying to understand their incredible pain. […]