Weekend Theme

Friday: Tick Showered: Tick Breakfast: Tick Coffee: Tick Check for emergency E-mails: Tick Weekend Theme posted: blank   Hmmm, time to open the mind to the universe and see what pops in. That was an hour ago. Then suddenly the theme, simple – a one word one. Happiness  


Wednesday morning thoughts

There was a bit of a thread through yesterday that had me thinking. Dealing with someone who first tried to hire a friend for their department, then forced our company to hire the friend to work on their contract has been extremely stressful. When their executive manager discovered this there were all sorts of meetings […]

Just wondering

As I should be writing something else, it was obvious that a blog post should get in the way. I have been seeing so much recently about the effects of some chemicals on humans, and equally about the benefits of veggies, herbs and fruit. These ‘epidemics’ of cancer, obesity, diabetes etc, each with multiple links […]