A little bird told me

I have to apologise for the tardiness. I am battling with stress caused by one person and it has struck my bloogging. Only a few more weeks, then I am free of it.

Meanwhile – finally my contribution.



My grandmother always informed me that “a little bird told me” when I wondered openly how she knew what I’d been up to. Especially when I was sure there were no birds around at the time I had been doing those things.

After I was grown up (or so I thought) I met John. The man who seemed to suit my temperament in every way, who stole my heart and made me happy.  I dared not tell the family because he was a ‘foreigner’ and I was shy to start the inevetable big discussion. She was the one who looked at me and said “A little bird tells me you are happy and sad, you are in love”.

I looked out the window, wondering what to say, and saw them. I wondered which of them was the tattletale.


little bird 2


23 thoughts on “A little bird told me

  1. These memories must be very precious, Sidey. Thanks for sharing. It was a very good read. Hope it made you forget a bit about the stress you’re under. Best wishes for a very bright future, Uta. 🙂

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