Wishing this month would end

This process of getting out of an impossible situation has been long drawn out and made even worse by one person.  I just wish the month was over.

Effort after effort to appear more important than they are. Over and over, imposing their wishes on everyone, even in complete contradiction of corporate regulations. Being cross with me when that is discovered. Hey – I didn’t break the rules, YOU did! But that knowledge just makes attacking me even more of a need for them.

I just wonder how they think they will get away with it?

Reaction to the latest ‘stripping away’ of their role and the people reporting to them will probably make it even more of an issue.

Corporate games and the people who indulge in them are so time consuming and so negative.

16 thoughts on “Wishing this month would end

    1. Karma will take care of her, she is her own worst enemy. Now i have a day off, reflexology session, followed by a lvely massage, a snooze then seeing friends…

      That shoud get my mojo back

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