“Impossible” his grandfatherfather laughed, “if God meant us to fly, he would have given us wings.” “Yes grandad” said Orville, hastily finishing his breakfast and chores so he could go outside to ‘play’.

Weekend Theme

In South Africa yesterday was a holiday. I had 2 birthday celebrations to attend and somehow the fact that it was a Friday completely slipped my mind. So today its a slightly belated weekend theme. IMPOSSIBLE For those who would like to play along, create a post, using the theme in some way. Then come […]


Thursday morning thoughts

Watching the latest movie about Marilyn Munroe got me thinking about those women (maybe there are men like that too?) who desperately want to be loved (don’t we all, just the degree seems to be so much more intense for some). The need creates an air of vulnerability which many find attractive, and when they […]

2 days – 2 men

Day 1 – at the upmarket shopping mall, at an old established shop, with a huge ‘beauty’ section. Buying rather expensive perfume for someone, because it’s the only place in South Arica that stocks it. A rather delightful suave young man, dressed all in black, who puffed some perfume for me, packed fresh tissue paper […]

Pinkys food Quiz

My friend Pinky does these food quizzes. I can’t resist them, despite being rather ignorant in the food world. 1.      What does “to butterfly” means in culinary term? Probably to divide something in half so it looks like butterfly wings 2.     What are traditional peperonata’s main ingredients? As per the traditional recipie 3.     What is a whoopie pie? Made […]

Earth Day

So its Earth day today. What does that mean? Spend time communing with some soil, take the big picture and remove all plastics from everywhere? I think if you take global warming seriously you should either read the book or see the movie “Cool it” by Bjørn Lomborg. An interesting man who says we can’t […]

Odd Jobs

There are sometimes jobs one is asked to do that seem EXTREMELY odd. Maybe they are normal for others, but to you at that place and time they seem odd. As a teenager, working Saturday mornings in a German delicatessen, the first (to me) odd job, was cleaning out a fridge what had cheese in […]

Weekend Theme

  Again, time for the weekend theme. As I awoke in the middle of the night with a solution to a disagreement between two people on the project, got up and mailed it to them both before I forgot it, I realised that there was the lead for the theme this weekend. It is O […]


Optimism. Woe is me, optimism has struck! No not to me, to various people on my big project. They think that even if they don’t put in the hours of work, things will still happen. We humans are so odd that way. Watch a weaver bird making a nest. They don’t stop because the first […]

Autumn musings

Sometimes I seem to drive along blind to the world about me except for an awareness of dangers, other vehicles, people, bikes, dogs, potholes in the roads. Yesterday was one of those other days, where every few minutes something beautiful showed itself. I am lucky at present, because my route to the main office where […]