We humans do seem to have a great desire to stamp our idea of beauty on our surroundings. We decorate our living spaces,        gardens, churches.      We paint them, we hang curtains, cover furniture, hang paintings, and erect statues. We even decorate our food. Some humans will be surprised to discover that […]

Weekend Theme

Its Friday. For some of us it’s 2 days before Christmas, for the rest it’s just December 23rd. Whichever; it’s time for the weekend theme.   The most interesting aspect of each theme is how people differ in how they tackle each theme, which is what makes reading the various contributions so interesting. This weekend the theme […]


The subject matter of dreams is a curious phenomenon. For centuries many ‘wise’ people have told what dreams mean/foretell. All that aside, do you find that when you remember them, so many dreams have such weird situations in them? I woke a short while ago, apparently straight out of a dream. I had been to […]


The other day I had been trimming some rather long shoots off a ‘lollypop’ bush. The kind that have one naked leg and a neat round top of leaves. Except of course as it lives in my garden, it doesn’t have a nice NEAT round top. It is approximately a round shape, very much along […]

Time for a Christmas Story?

There I was, happily writing a Christmas Story (with a difference I thought) when the phone rang. I had earlier sent a message to a friend suggesting a movie later that afternoon. I assumed when she phoned she was phoning to discuss what we would see, where and when. She sounded odd. Then I realised […]

Weekend Theme

As its Friday morning it’s time for me to post the weekend theme. Last week, inspired by Kate Shrewsday’s writing of Christmas Ghost stories I thought that would be the theme. But today is a lovely sunny one here in Johannesburg, just over a week to go to Christmas. The days are hot, we often […]

Sequels and prequels

There is something so satisfying about a well written sequel/prequel. I’m not talking about the hastily contrived films made in Hollywood to cash in on the success of an original. What I love are the books written after the author has immersed themselves in the original, its era, the lives of people at that time, […]

Tuesday thoughts of the macabre kind

A South African woman was recently executed in China for drug smuggling. For we South Africans who have abolished the death penalty, having one of our own killed by any state is a nasty shock. (Regardless of how we feel about our high rate of murder in this country). Family members were with her for […]

Pinky’s Quizzy Thingy

My friend Pink Polka Dot (Pinky to me) posts this wonderful food related quiz. I can’t resist, even though I know so little. She’s always kind enough to forgive me.   1. Who introduced Turkeys to Europe?   I believe they just gatecrashed, no introductions were performed. Pretty flighty really, if you come to think of […]