We humans do seem to have a great desire to stamp our idea of beauty on our surroundings. We decorate our living spaces,








We paint them, we hang curtains, cover furniture, hang paintings, and erect statues. We even decorate our food.

Some humans will be surprised to discover that animals also decorate their surroundings.

The bower bird of Australia is the most famous, he collects objects of the same or similar shape and colour to decorate his nest. All in the name of love. To attract a passing female, who realising that she has a non-gay decorator on hand and will hopefully immediately fall in love with his decorating style, move in and help create the next generatio



Some Asian spiders have learned that decorated nests attract more prey than plain ‘invisible’ ones. Who would have guessed?

Black Kites put in white (usually bits of plastic) that apparently show other kites that this nest is “owned” and to stay away or fight over it.


14 thoughts on “Decorate

  1. So true, Sidey . . . even Cave Men decorated their caves with paintings of their lives.

    I LOVE the Bower Bird.

    We watched “him” in a documentary filmed by a photographer sitting in a blind miles from nowhere for days on end until . . . HUZZAH . . . a mate appeared and we witnessed the mating dance.

    It lasted about 10 seconds. 😉

    Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright . . . filled with Love, Laughter and Light! 😀

  2. What a delightfully lovely post, Sidey…and fascinating info there!

    Hope you’ve enjoyed a magic Christmas & all the best for a fabulous New Year!

  3. A tastefully decorated post!

    Have a super New Year – special discount price. And there’s more – you get a wish for health, wealth and happiness to go with it! (Postage free, ’cause it’s already posted.)

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