Weekend Theme

Its Friday. For some of us it’s 2 days before Christmas, for the rest it’s just December 23rd. Whichever; it’s time for the weekend theme.  

The most interesting aspect of each theme is how people differ in how they tackle each theme, which is what makes reading the various contributions so interesting.

This weekend the theme is “Decorate”

As usual, create and post your contribution, then leave a message here, so others can follow the links and read all of them. And of course the one rule applies. Have fun with it!

32 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Not sure whether/when I’ll get around to this, Sidey. My nieces are due to arrive within the next 30 minutes.

    I guess most of my recent “Advent Posts” would suit though. 😉

    May your days be Merry and Bright . . . and your nights be filled with Love, Laughter, and Light!

  2. I was unable to comment on your latest post for some reason, but wanted to mention how much I love your idea of sleeping under the tree the night before Christmas. Wish I’d thought of that years ago!

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