Pinky’s Quizzy Thingy

My friend Pink Polka Dot (Pinky to me) posts this wonderful food related quiz. I can’t resist, even though I know so little. She’s always kind enough to forgive me.


1. Who introduced Turkeys to Europe?   I believe they just gatecrashed, no introductions were performed. Pretty flighty really, if you come to think of it.

2. What is Gammon? It’s basically pork, but the effort involved in preparing it makes it exhausting.

3. What are the three main ingredients of the cocktail Cosmopolitan?  Well, I start with Vodka, then Triple-sec, and then there are fruity things, but by then I usually forget.

4. What are Mince pies filled with nowadays?  Dried fruit mince

5. What is a Bundt cake? It’s a cake baked in a ring – or a mold with a big lump in the middle so the cake makes a ring

6. Where did Panforte originate from? Italy, and then to the shops and then into my shopping basket and then home and into me 😉

7. What is sprue? A spruce tree that lost its C?

8. What is fresh coriander called in America? I don’t know. They keep on changing perfectly good names to something I have never heard of. Odd really 😉

9. In which country is stollen a traditional Christmas cake? Germany, or anywhere where Germans have immigrated to.

10. What is Chami? It’s that soft leather stuff. Makes very sensual bikinis. Also used for car washing – easier if you take the bikini off first.

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