Tuesday thoughts of the macabre kind

A South African woman was recently executed in China for drug smuggling. For we South Africans who have abolished the death penalty, having one of our own killed by any state is a nasty shock. (Regardless of how we feel about our high rate of murder in this country).

Family members were with her for the execution (Lethal Injection). That got me to thinking about having or not having people with you when you die.

Could I go and sit to hold a family members hand when they were being killed? My immediate reaction was “NO”.

I realised my reluctance would be based on being overcome with emotion and making it even more difficult for them. Would my distress not cause them even greater distress? Would I be of any comfort to them?

Now having a quiet cup of coffee I realise, more than anything, it is a situation I would not ever want to be in. Comforting someone dying of a disease is one thing, something probably unpreventable. But how could I not want to in turn kill the killer of a family member?

Goodness, could I be contemplating a generational inter-family revenge war for something that hasn’t and hopefully never will happen?

10 thoughts on “Tuesday thoughts of the macabre kind

    1. me too. i think it’s just so drastic, and she says she doesn’t know how stuff got in her case. makes me think i must get one of those solid jobs should i ever go to china again

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