Women, pressies and some bubbles

One of my favourite things about my birthday is that every year in Olso there are a bunch of people who also get pressies. Not just because they managed to stay alive for another year (as I have just done) , but because of stuff they have done. For a long time as a child […]

The unexpected

It is the night of the school Christmas Pageant.   Every class has practiced and practiced their carols. They have dutifully walked onstage and sung them. They have all sung pretty well really, even if occasionally they have sung with a little more gusto than the teachers had expected. Having the audience join in sometimes […]

Weekend Theme

Friday morning, with wonderful Johannesburg rain falling down, wetting the world and making everything clean and cool and rather grey. I woke very early to the sounds of rain, always special in a country prone to periodic droughts. I lay thinking about how every place I have lived had its own special ‘rain sounds’. As […]

Christmas Music

As a child I always enjoyed one special thing about my birthday. We decorated the tree! When I was older we also sent out Christmas cards. The present making (we children had to be creative when pocket money was somewhat limited). Back then, other than the traditional Christmas Carols, there was no ‘Christmas Music’ except […]

The joys of planting a bulb

Since I was a child the lure of the flower-bulb has had me in its thrall. I blame my great-aunt for this fascination. It was she who brought me my own first bulbs. Daffodils. I had a little piece of the back garden I’d claimed as mine, and where I faithfully planted the little flowering […]

Its coming up to year end…………

My mind seems to have hit year end “blegh”. There are still working days to go before my short break (short because I only joined full time half way through the year), yet the energy and enthusiasm is sadly missing. I wonder does everyone get this way, or is it just me. I look at […]

Weekend Theme

I’m away for the weekend, without my laptop. So I’m posting the weekend theme and my contribution all in one this evening.  A comment on my blog today reminded me of a line in a poem I loved to recite as a child. The last line always makes me remember we mustn’t let our lives […]

Full of it

Full of the joys of summer. That’s me. Trees, bushes, smaller plants, all in full leaf, flowering, budding, promises being made and delivered. The sunny days, warm to the point of discomfort sometimes, and of course that just makes popping off to the pool a delight. The afternoon, evening rainstorms, yes they can spoil an […]