Weekend Theme

As its Friday morning it’s time for me to post the weekend theme.

Last week, inspired by Kate Shrewsday’s writing of Christmas Ghost stories I thought that would be the theme. But today is a lovely sunny one here in Johannesburg, just over a week to go to Christmas. The days are hot, we often have some rain in the evening. Perfect weather.

I spent yesterday evening talking to a friend who has had a bad year, yet who has come through it better than I could have imagined. That made me happy, I hate to see my friends in pain.

So I am too happy for ghost stories (though that can’t stop anyone bent on one) but the theme is still seasonal.

A Christmas Story

That’s the theme. Good, funny, sad, ghostly, horrid. Whatever takes your fancy, whatever comes from memories, whatever takes your imagination on a journey.

As usual, when you have posted your contribution to the theme, leave a message here with a link so that others can follow all of the posts, and enjoy.

People who contribute are on the 24 website or here on the WordPress site, so you may want to link to the other to read what’s there as well.


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