The other day I had been trimming some rather long shoots off a ‘lollypop’ bush. The kind that have one naked leg and a neat round top of leaves. Except of course as it lives in my garden, it doesn’t have a nice NEAT round top. It is approximately a round shape, very much along the lines of a crocodile having a cow shape. There ARE similarities.

The friend who arrived as I was putting these offcuts into the bin watched in horror as I then put away the cutter and offered him refreshment. He said, “where are your proper trimmers? That think looks wild and woolly still.”

How do I explain that I LIKE my approximately-round bush. A sort of comforting shape that still seems to look as though it GROWS like that, not as though it has been manicured into submission.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire really good topiary, I just can’t seem to bring myself to indulge in it. (hehe I’m just too lazy for that really).

So this morning, lying half awake in bed, lulled by the gentle rumbles from one cat and waiting for the radio to tell me it is time to start my second-last working day of the year, I started thinking about the differences in how we perceive shapes.

I quite like exactness in manufactured shapes, but I like approximations, surprises, randomness in growing things. I often like balance and symmetry, and then get all excited about something unbalanced and ‘odd looking’. Apparently I’m wierd -or so my family tell me when I declare how much I like these unbalanced things.


15 thoughts on “Shapes

  1. I’m with you, totally. Makes me weird too. Ha, ha
    ‘ . . . still seems to look like it GROWS like that, not as though it has been manicured into submission.’ I like this sentence!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  2. I love the “wild and free” look of nature . . . topiaries are far too fastidious for my tastes. Except ones that look Seuss-ian. Those make me laugh.

    1. i love a jungly garden. and in some places admire well manicured ones. but my personal inclinations lead me to wildlooking stuff. my current garden is too shady so it’s a bit sparce

  3. I am so with you on this one. I like the natural world to look natural, not so manicured, and I’m always fascinated by the odd, the different, the quirky, etc. Guess that makes me weird, too.

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