The subject matter of dreams is a curious phenomenon. For centuries many ‘wise’ people have told what dreams mean/foretell. All that aside, do you find that when you remember them, so many dreams have such weird situations in them?

I woke a short while ago, apparently straight out of a dream.

I had been to some ceremony for a female friend (something like a coronation) and was sitting with a few friends discussing it, when another ceremony was announced.

Then suddenly I was in a dilemma. There was to be a conflict for me. The new (whatever the ceremony made them) wanted me in the same supporting role my friend had used me for. There was no way to refuse. (Somewhere back thereit was almost as though my friend had been dropped/divorced/supplanted because this one’s relationship with someone else was unexpected – remember this was a dream, so these finer details don’t necessarily make sense).

My dilemma was that I had sent beautiful flowers to my friend on her occasion; did I need to do the same with this woman (who seemed to look a lot like the new Princess of Monaco).

We all agreed I didn’t need to send her flowers, and the reason given by one of the group was “as the new one is a chiropractor it was unnecessary”. (Do I have something against them as people?)

Next thing there I am in a pinky dress and jacket (all very smart). I know why the pinky colour – my friend Cindy has been writing about ashes-of-roses colour. Walking into a sort of church/hall. There are masses of little girls in yellow dresses (like a lot of ducklings) little bridal attendants? A choir? And what actually was my role? I groaned because I KNEW we should have checked colours.

Fortunately as I was trying to assess where I should be, I woke up.

I lay wondering for a few minutes if I really SHOULD send flowers, then I realised it was all a dream and the decision was unnecessary.

Why oh why am I dreaming about matters of etiquette?

4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Good luck sorting it all out . . .

    I’ve read recently that dreams are a filing mechanism for memories. Maybe you filed Cin’s “ashes of roses” and your “wild garden” with this one.

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